Mo is Fel's closest friend and family relative. Through their cataclysmic electrical pulse we get perfect synergy. This is shown in the art, it's story, origins and more importantly the design and execution of this whole experience. 



Fel Is second in line to the throne, he may hold the crown and the chemistry behind its construction, though he is still a kid. He is the prince of power and wealth in all but the deflationary paper money. A strong advocate of decentralization and harmonious living. He and Mo are tied irreversibly. 


Verino is the mysterious character, he is considered a lucky charm. He is always present but never to be seen. He has beavered many riches away and is considered to be in eternal hibernation. Without Verino, the electricity of the Bone lightning Bunch would still be a concept. He holds many keys, but how many will we see him use?

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