Thunder Mountain 
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Stage 1: Entry through the portal

Entry through the portal is a pre-requisite to joining Bone Lightning Bunch. Verino is in charge of who enters and who doesn't, but when he's sleeping it's in your hands.

Stage 2: Resurrection 

Now you have entered our world, it's time to go where it all began, Mo's grave. So far to travel up, only to come back down!

Stage 3: Gathering materials

Now you know what must be done, materials are required to successfully re-incarnate Mo. Verino and Fel can help here, they have good reach and strong set-ups.

Stage 4: Production and manufacture 

Production shall commence, as will manufacture. This will happen once our prototype has been cleared safe for use. Verino will be vital to have on our side here.   

Stage 5: Modelling and sale approval

Once clearance is approved, modelling and an online business will hopefully grow into a boutique. This will be some years from now, but the space craft may help here? 

stage 6: Lightning Boutique

Lightning speed into the future, we see gravity waves, nuclear powered cars, and virtual food. We also see Bone lightning Bunch's clothing empire both virtual but also physical. What are those fragrant wafts from the valley?

Stage 7: Deep Mining

Fel has reunited with Mo, Verino is hibernating again, or is he? How deep were his pockets? The question lies in the depths of the mountain, Thunder!

Stage ∞: Aromatics?

Perfumed water?, harsh chemicals?, I don't think so, said Verino. Part of his stash encompassed alien fuel that had such an infectious scent that these copiously clean fragrances had to be capitalized on. Fel puts his skills to work.


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